Common Risk Factors of Colon Cancer

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Colon cancer is one of the most lethal kinds of cancers which dozens of individuals suffer from anually. It is so intense because people find it tricky to know the symtoms, and the ability for physicians to catch it when it is in the early phrase is very small. As found to late, the possibility that anyone can treat it is from little to nothing. 


One of the easiest ways that you can understand how to spot this disease early is to know the risk factors. This will help you to recognize whether you are regarded - by medical standards - to be a high or low risk. If you believe that you are high risk you need to have scheduled visits and screenings planned with your physician.


Age - Studies present that around 90% of people who have been diagnosed with this condition are fifty years or more. Yet, it is still manageable for younger people to have it - it is merely not as ordinary.


Personal History - If you are somebody who has been diagnosed with this type of cancer and have treated it successfully than you are at a high risk for colon cancer. This is because your body is susceptible to the polyps that occur during this problem and it is very potential it will come back.


Intestinal Conditions - There are distinct conditions of the intestines that will cause inflammation of the colon. A couple of these are Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.


Genetics - There are certain problems that are passed down through genetics and this is believed to be of them. Seek to examine your family's history and see if any of them have had this type of cancer. If more then one of them have been diagnosed with it then this can increase your risk even more.


Diet - Many health experts think that the foods that we consume will impact our risk of being diagnosed with this condition. Eating up foods that are high in fat and low in fiber are the hardest kinds.


Lifestyle - There are other lifestyle choices that we make which will bear upon our chances. Numerous of these colon cancer risk factors include; not exercising, obesity, diabetes, smoking, and too much alcohol.


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Common Risk Factors of Colon Cancer

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This article was published on 2010/03/26